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The Hotel Clermont team crafts a sensualist’s dream with new resto Tiny Lou’s, catering to a palate for rich food, late nights and beyond.


From left: Hotel Clermont’s talented trio—General Manager Alan Rae, Tiny Lou’s executive chef Jeb Aldrich and Director of Restaurants Nick Hassiotis  


Let’s start with your first question: Tiny Lou was a dancer at the Gypsy Room (which later became Clermont Lounge), billed as “The Girl Who Refused to Dance With Hitler”—though that story remains untold. The revitalized Hotel Clermont and its dining concepts, set to debut this spring, are full of winks to the history of the original motor hotel and the famous Atlanta nightclub—like the PBR (wink) macarons by pastry chef Claudia Martinez at the grab-and-go cafe, but perhaps nowhere more than downstairs at the French-American brasserie, Tiny Lou’s. According to executive chef Jeb Aldrich, the menu is stuffed with French classics made with modern techniques incorporating local, seasonal fare, and perfect for your next date night (think caviar cultivated by The University of Georgia, Blue Ridge trout almondine and a dry-aged duck for two). Expect the same service at The Indigo Road Restaurant Group’s other ATL properties—some of our faves being O-Ku and Donetto. “It’s all Indigo Road: same philosophy, same concept, how we treat people—all those good things,” Aldrich explains. What else? “And then, you can’t really beat the neighborhood,” he says, “the cool history behind it.” Oh, right. Aldrich and co. are intent on embracing their new Poncey-Highland neighbors as much as possible. “For example we’re not doing full-service breakfast, so we’re gonna send guests over to Java Jive across the street.” We’re already sold on the hotel’s romantic website, which describes Tiny Lou’s menu as “reminiscent of what one might cook for a lover.” Wink, wink. @hotelclermont; @tinylousatl